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Large Format Scanning

Advanced Microsystems provides high quality large format scanning services for all types of over-sized drawings and documents. We expertly scan engineering drawings, architectural drawings, blueprints, site plans, surveys, maps and more. Once digitized and indexed, over-sized documents can be accessed and shared without effort. Having a digital backup of your large format documents results in a multitude of benefits. Ultimately you will save time, money and have peace of mind knowing that your vital data is archived and protected.

Our large format scanning technicians are highly trained professionals equipped to handle over-sized documents of any type with care. Whether your large documents are folded, rolled-up, flat, brittle or delicate, they will be safe in our hands.

We use the highest quality wide format scanners available and our customers can generally expect the quality of their scanned images to be better than that of the original. Our specialized equipment enables us to provide clients with high-quality digital images in either black & white, grayscale or full color.

Why Large Format Scanning?

  • Maintain the Health and Integrity of your Documents.
  • Instantly Access the Information within Trapped Large Format Documents.
  • Reclaim Space that is Currently being used to House your Documents.
  • Have Greater Control over Retention Documents.
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhanced Security
  • Faster Searchability
  • Eliminate Lost or Misplaced Files
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