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Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving

Paper / Image / Cost Estimator

This is an estimation and what causes variations are the number of file folders, fasteners such as binding clips, paperclip, staples, etc, and unwanted materials in the files such as glossy brochures.

The average price range for document scanning

$.09 -$.21 per page.

Indexing / File Naming – $0.02 per keystroke

How to Estimate the Number of Pages & Images




Loose Paper Digital Archiving

Loose Paper

150–180 Pages Per Inch

Copy Box Digital Archiving

Copy Box (L 17.5″ x H 9.75″ x W 11.5″)

1,800–2,200 Pages Per Box

Banker Box Digital Archiving

Banker Box (L 16″ x H 10″ x W 12″)

1,800–2,000 Pages Per Box

Lateral File Cabinet Digital Archiving

Lateral File Cabinet

5,000–6,000 Pages Per Drawer

4-Drawer Digital Archiving

4 Drawer Standard File Cabinet

2,500 Pages Per Drawer

Photograph Digital Archiving


100–125 Per Inch

Linear Foot Digital Archiving

Linear Foot

1,800 Pages Per Linear Foot

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This pricing estimate reflects the scope of work which takes into account a multitude of factors including but not limited to the amount of document preparation time, quality of source material, post-processing requirements, and optional enhancements such as OCR (searchable text) and indexing requirements.

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