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Subpoena Preparation

Subpoena and Document Preparation

The importance of a harmoniously subpoena management service alongside your caseload is indispensable. We have designed our process to smoothly integrate with your firm’s current procedure.

Our Procedure

  • Arrange all required documentation, including Deposition Subpoena for the Production of Business Records, Notice to Consumer, Affidavit of the Custodian of Records, and Certificate of Compliance (if applicable).
  • Serve the subpoenas and attached documentation to all parties in the action, via certified mail or field agent if necessary.
  • Enter record due dates in the calendar.
  • Sequential document numbering.
  • Tabbing and indexing of documents or exhibits.
  • Scan, upload received documents for all medical and business records into cloud or server based software.
  • Deliver, email, or FTP the copied records.
  • Follow up with served entities and individuals that have not produced documents and records before the due date.


Gathering medical records, a common chore for civil litigation paralegals, can be a time-consuming, cumbersome and multifaceted task. But electronically obtaining them (usually in Portable Document Format) reduces time spent handling paper documents, freeing the paralegal to work on other important assignments. Plus, several online specialty services that electronically obtain and provide medical records offer free subscriptions, charge only a nominal fee in addition to the cost of obtaining the records and offer extra services – often making them more cost-effective.

Getting the Most From Electronic Records

Besides the tedious reproduction and distribution of records, other considerations come into play in dealing with hard copy medical records, such as bates numbering, indexing, and summarizing. These tasks require handling and rehandling the records, which often are voluminous. Electronically gathering medical records can simplify all of these tasks. For example, you can save e-records to your local computer or network server, to a disk or to a CD for ease of retrieval and distribution. Whenever the need arises, simply print as many copies as you need directly to your local or network without getting up from your desk, or save a few trees by distributing the records by e-mail. Another timesaver is electronically Bates numbering imaged medical records – performed by the records retrieval service or done yourself after you receive the e-records.
Making it a practice to copy electronic medical records to a separate file preserves the integrity of the original, certified records, allowing you to use them in any way you desire – such as to extract irrelevant or particularly relevant material, reorder pages for presentation in chronological or other order, add annotations and comments, or highlight significant material. Images of e-records also can be linked directly to many software programs.

E-record images can even be hyperlinked in Microsoft Office products such as PowerPoint and Word. Another advantage of electronic medical records is the ability (with the full Adobe Acrobat program) to cut and paste snippets of text directly from the medical records, which comes in handy for preparing medical chronologies or summaries.

Now that you are convinced you must have electronic medical records delivery, let us take a look at a few of the online services and how to sign up for them. Although many online medical records services are available to serve the needs of specific states and the insurance and medical industries, the focus here will be on those that serve the legal community throughout the nation and beyond.

  • Small Receipts to Ledger Sized Documents
  • Document Delivery in TIFF or PDF Formats On Our Secure Web Server
  • OCR Data Conversion On Request
  • Electronic Bates Numbering with Alpha Prefixes
  • High Volume Specialists
  • Free Pickup and Delivery
  • In-House and On-Site Capture

We are experienced in the following types of litigation

  1.   Mass Tort
  2.   Medical Malpractice
  3.   Labor
  4.   Construction Defect
  5.   Real Estate
  6.   Environmental
  7.   Corporate
  8.   Entertainment
  9.   Intellectual Property
  10. Personal Injury
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