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Requesting Records HIPAA / HITECH


There is often confusion when requesting records via Authorization and will outline the differences to make this simple to save costs during Pre-Trial Discovery and evaluating a new case.

Have the client sign the Authorization for release of records [Link to PDF of Authorization] and HITECH Letter [Link to HITECH Letter].

By signing both the Authorization and HITECH Letter allows our service to:

  1. Discuss the Protected Health Information (PHI) with the medical provider with the Authorization.
  2. Compels the medical provider to release the records for $6.50 no matter if the records are 50 pages or 50,000 pages if the records are maintained in an Electronic Format (EMR).

Our service will demand and enforce the medical provider to follow the guidelines set forth by code and will reduce your firms costs of evaluating and review of Protected Health Information.

There are legal mechanisms in place to compel production of EMR’s that Advanced Microsystem will enforce and fight on your behalf.

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